Can You Freeze Your Fat Off at Home?
Cryolipolysis is a procedure that targets fat cells with a freezing action that destroys them. Because of the costs involved or a lack of insurance, some people have made the decision to try and mimic the procedure at home. Unfortunately, this is often risky and can cause serious injuries to the skin and surrounding tissues.

Do Not Attempt Fat Freezing at Home
It is not possible to duplicate the cryolipolysis process at home. You cannot use ice or other frozen items to achieve the same results. The reason this does not work is that fat freezing procedures are much more involved than simply getting the area as cold as possible.

Fat Freezing suctions the fat cells as close to the skin’s surface as possible. This allows the cells to become frozen during the treatment process. Trying to freeze an area with ice will only result in skin damage which could be serious. Skin death is possible when it is exposed to extreme cold for too long.

There are At-Home Options
There are some products on the market that claim to do what Coolsculpting can, with the convenience of at-home treatment. As many have learned the hard way, these typically only offer lackluster results at best.

This type of system requires a person to wear a belt with a cooling pad inside. It is important individuals carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure they do not experience any adverse effects.

DIY attempts at fat freezing are ineffective and even dangerous. Do not attempt to ice your fat or skin damage could occur. It is wise to consult with the professionals and have them carry out any fat freezing treatments for the best results. If you decide to try an at-home option, go with one that has been approved by the FDA.