How Long Does Fat Freezing Last?
Many people are surprised to learn the results of fat freezing last indefinitely. Once fat cells are destroyed, they are removed by the body through a process carried out by the liver. The fat cells do not grow back, but it is important to practice a healthy lifestyle so other fat cells in the area do not enlarge and cause flabbiness.

Coolsculpting Is a Tool
There is no replacement for a healthy lifestyle. Those who are good candidates for Coolsculpting treatments are around their ideal body weight and BMI. Fat freezing cannot be used as a tool for weight loss. Very little weight loss occurs with these treatments. Most people will only lose a few ounces, but they will lose inches.

After the procedure, the body will immediately go to work on breaking down the frozen fat cells and eliminating them from the body. This is a process that does not happen overnight. Most people will see their final results within three to six months. Some will need to have more than one treatment to get the results they desire.

Healthy Individuals Get the Best Results
The healthier a person is and the more they exercise and tone their body, the better the results. It is wise to keep your weight at a healthy level and to build muscle in the areas where excess fat tends to accumulate. This will help to keep these areas from growing flabby again.

If you eat a healthy diet and keep a steady weight, the excess fat that was removed will not return. The demolished fat cells are gone forever. Coolsculpting allows individuals to get rid of their unwanted fat, especially in those areas that are not responding to diet and exercise alone.