Is CoolSculpting Permanent?
One of the first questions people want answers to revolves around the permanency of CoolSculpting treatments. Because these treatments can be a little on the expensive side, people want to know the results will last. The simple answer to this question is yes. Once the fat cells have been frozen, the body eliminates them, and they are gone forever.

Do the Fat Cells Ever Return?
People generally have the same number of fat cells throughout their adult life. Because CoolSculpting does not remove every single fat cell in the treated area, it is possible for surrounding fat cells to increase in size and cause a flabbier appearance.

How Can You Keep the Area Toned?
Having CoolSculpting treatments carried out does not mean the area can never grow fatty again. This is why good candidates must be within thirty pounds of their ideal body weight. A person cannot expect this treatment to help them lose weight. When the procedure is carried out, only a few ounces of fat is lost.

To keep the area toned and lean after the procedure, it is important to eat a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis. This will prevent other fat cells from enlarging by filling with an excess of fat.

Depending on the treatment area, some people will need to have more than one treatment to get the results they want. Most people are able to achieve their desired results with a single treatment.

Yes, once the fat cells have been treated, they are permanently removed from the body by the liver. It is possible to see increased fat in the area again if a person does not stick to a healthy diet and exercise plan. CoolSculpting will allow you to finally get rid of the embarrassing flabby areas so your body is more toned.