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CoolSculpting is a noninvasive procedure that requires no surgery, anesthesia, or cuts. Compared to the other surgical procedures such as liposuction, Cool Sculpting carries less risk and demand on the body. Patients will select an area to target during the procedure and the licensed professional will then apply freezing temperatures to that area. The freezing temperatures helps destroy the fatty tissue in the targeted area. unlike other fat removing procedure, Cool Sculpting is related safe. Patients report that there is almost no recovery time needed to get back to daily activities.

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Address: 45 E 85th St New York City, NY 10028
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Our practice is built on the unique philosophy of Dr. Amy Wechsler, a physician with a diverse background combining dermatology and psychiatry. We treat a full range of skin conditions with care and expertise, using advanced treatment modalities and state-of-the-art technology.

Understanding the mind-beauty connection, we also address your overall well-being, which can have a profound effect on your appearance. To achieve the best possible results, we uncover the root causes of your skin concerns, and provide you with personalized skin-saving strategies. Our aim is to leave you feeling transformed from the inside out - radiant, confident, and better prepared to face whatever life throws at you with a positive and healthy attitude.

Business Website Address: https://www.dramywechsler.com/
Business Phone Number: 212-396-2505
Address: 897 Lexington Avenue New York City, NY 10065
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Dr. Ariel Ostad takes pride in every procedure he performs. Rest assured in knowing that he is as invested in the outcome of your procedure as you are. You’ll be in good hands. We believe in promoting a patient culture that encourages honest discussion before and after any procedure Dr. Ariel Ostad performs. We genuinely encourage all of our patients to feel comfortable openly expressing themselves.

Business Website Address: https://www.drarielostad.com/
Business Phone Number: 212-517-7900

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