Pyruvate plays an important role in metabolism and the energy production process. Pyruvate is the critical link between the cells two main energy-generating cycles, the sugar-burning glycolytic cycle, and the Krebs cycle, which converts fats, carbohydrates and proteins into energy. Extensive research indicates that pyruvate may play an important role in a healthy diet and exercise program.. Complete Exercise in a single Pill !. Research on pyruvate shows two key benefits to. athletes and dieters: increased performance in exercise and enhanced fat loss.. Pyruvic acid is chemically unstable, so we stabilize it in the formulation. process by creating a “salt,” called pyruvate. Pyruvate salts are. formed when we combined pyruvic acid with calcium. Although this sounds. relatively easy, the manufacturing of pyruvate isn’t a simple process, which. is the primary reason this nutrient is just now becoming available.. According to the human studies, pyruvate. improves exercise performance primarily by enhancing the transport of glucose. into the muscle cell. Moreover it shows an improved exercise. performance and weight/fat loss and decreases cholesterol in a high-fat. diet,and most important of all it’s antioxidant activity seems to improve. cardiac function also.