Have you been spending long hours in the gym taking grueling workouts only to be disappointed and frustrated by your lack of bodybuilding progress? Do you sometimes feel like youre just spinning your wheels with your training? Perhaps your lack of progress is due to low hormone production.Without question, hormones are the keys that unlock muscle growth and strength. Without an adequate and consistent supply of hormones, your muscle-building program is dead in the water. Kaput! Finished! So the question every bodybuilder needs to ask himself is this. How can I make sure my body is producing enough anabolic hormones to sustain muscle growth? Unfortunately, many bodybuilders turn to exogenous hormone enhancement in the form of steroids and other potent bodybuilding drugs. While there is no doubt that these drugs work, they are not without some danger. Whats sad is that so many bodybuilders turn to drugs as a first resort before they even know how far they can go naturally.Before there was creatine and nitric oxide, there were glandulars. Before there were testosterone boosters and hormone precursors, there were glandulars. Before there was whey protein isolate, there were glandulars. In fact, before most of todays new-fangled bodybuilding supplements there were raw glandulars.