“Gum Joy OilGum Joy Oil is an amazing alternative to cooked, chemical laden toothpaste to help you achieve optimal oral health. It contains pure, organic essential oils including freshening wintergreen and rosemary oils, and perhaps most importantly, tea tree oil which is known to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Gum Joy Oil is the safe, natural alternative for cleaning and nourishing teeth and gums. The Sunfood Difference™Most personal care products on the market are ridden with toxins and are barely regulated. Even the most expensive “natural” toothpastes often contain less-than-ideal ingredients like sodium fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, and chemical flavorings and dyes. A high quality formula without any toxic chemicals, preservatives, solvents, fillers or additives, Gum Joy Oil is a truly natural solution for keeping a fresh, healthy mouth. Glass Bottle Packaging For further reading, check out this article!Top 3 Toxins in Your Mouth & How to Avoid Them”