Rice Base supplies high potency vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in a pure formula that is iron free, dairy free and suitable for vegans. ALL ONE Powder Multiple Vitamins & Minerals Rice Base. Some people prefer not to consume milk-based proteins, so Rice Base formula uses a nutritional base that is derived entirely from rice protein. This makes it the perfect total-nutrition supplement for vegetarians and those who want to avoid dairy products, it also has no iron. Current research suggests that many Americans already get sufficient iron. Furthermore, it seems the body is very good at retaining and recycling its store of iron ??? more so for men, since women lose some iron during their monthly cycle. Rice Base contains the full spectrum of pure high-potency vitamins, minerals and amino acids found in Original Formula. This is nutrition at its purest.Rice Base containing absolutely no animal products, this high-fiber protein base is derived from rice that???s been enzymatically digested by purified plant enzymes. Amino Acids. High Potency B-Complex & Anti-Oxidants. Chelated Minerals. Vegan. Pure nutrition for purists. Not only is Rice Base formula 100% assimilable, high potency nutrition, it also contains absolutely no animal products – making it the perfect total – nutrition supplement for vegetarians and those who want to avoid dairy products.