Topical Muscle Volumizing Fat Melter. Increased muscle volume & vascularity. Increased muscle definition. Dual action vasodilation. Starts working immediately. Cumulative benefits with each usage. All natural – non-hormonal. Developed by world renowned “Balco Chemist” Patrick Arnold (inventor of The Clear), E-Pharm’s Pump Spray contains two original and patent pending ingredients designed to produce rapid and sustained increases in muscle blood flow and fat tissue reduction. Effects on muscle pump and vascularity can be noticed after the first administration, and with repeated daily use a dramatic and more permanent full, muscular, and ripped looked can be achieved over two to four weeks. Pump Spray contains two active ingredients. The first is an extremely soluble ester/salt of ursolic acid called Arginine Ursolic Acetate (AUA). Ursolic acid is well documented to produce dramatic reductions in fat mass accompanied by increases in muscle mass. Ursolic acid also stimulates the activity of eNOS, the enzyme which produces nitric oxide in blood vessels. Not only does ursolic acid increase NO production, it has also been shown to increase neovascularization – the production of new blood vessels! However, since ursolic acid does not work when applied topically, Patrick has ionically combined an ester form of ursolic acid with the NO precursor arginine – thereby increasing its penetrability and its solubility over a thousand fold. The second ingredient is Triacetyladenosine, a derivative of Adenosine. Adenosine is a compound released by the muscles during exercise and it is recognized as one of the key biochemical regulators of skeletal muscle hyperemia (“the pump”). Adenosine is normally quickly destroyed by the enzyme adenosine deaminase, however through the process of acetylation Patrick has discovered a way to protect the adenosine compound. No one has been able to unleash the true power of adenosine until now. Pump Spray’s combination of sophisticated and proprietary ingredients has the potential to give you results you never thought possible. If used as directed, you can achieve results that surpass anything you thought a natural stack could ever do!