Our stylish 12 sided Solid Steel, Polyurethane encased dumbbells represent the best in class, commercial grade product of its kind being manufactured today. With a sleeve design that extends through the head of the dumbbell and is permanently welded, the structural integrity is unsurpassed. The uniform 34mm Solid Steel hard-chrome handle with its precision machined, medium knurl makes each size dumbbell from the smallest to largest, as durable as it is comfortable to use. These dumbbells are perfect for your gym logo or commercial logo to be printed on and seperate your gym from the rest. With half weight sizes your gym will stand out from the rest.5 lb. through 150 lb. in 5 lb. increments.
FeatuesBrand your facility Troy is now offering the finest customization in the industry
Multiple sizes including half sizes
Make free weights a point of focus in your room
We can handle complex artwork with multiple colors, logos and text on dumbbells, barbells and plates
Hard chrome straight steel handle
SpecificationsColor: Gray
Weight: 55 lbs